Diaries of a Psychic Sorority, 1997

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Do the events in the world leave you feeling depressed, hopeless, confused, ineffective, or afraid? Do you long to connect with your passion and to find creative ways to express it in your life? Do your relationships need more balance? Do you want to learn to experience your feelings in healthier and more positive ways? Do you want to learn to be more confident and competent in handling conflict? Are you ready to pick up your power and truly become the change you are waiting for in others?

If you answered YES to any of these questions,
Conflict REVOLUTION® can help

Con REV is a highly effective process to deal with conflict—any conflict—at its root within us. This isn’t conflict resolution, which focuses on the details of the physical arena where the conflict is playing out. Con REV uses those details to revolve the focus back inward, where our power lies. Guided by Compassion, we learn to maneuver through the arena of conflict using the revolutionary maps of Human Consciousness to find the root and develop an Action Plan to resolve it. This plan becomes personalized step-by-step instructions, written by and for you, based on what you learned looking deeply into your own life. This is Self-Love.

In our teaching, we nurture a nonjudgmental, joyful, and well-paced environment. You learn step-by-step instructions for revolving any conflict, including:

• The three dimensions of human consciousness—Emotion, Intuition, and Intellect—and how to train them to work together;

• The importance of your feelings and how to feel all of them;

• Simple ways to differentiate between Intellect and Intuition;

• How to train the Intellect to listen to and act on Intuition;

• How to align the entire system to Compassion to create Cn3 (consciousness to the third power);

• Inspiration to work the process on a daily basis.When you resolve the conflict within, how it resolves in the arena is always greater than you could have achieved otherwise. The results of this work are nothing short of miracles.

Once you experience the difference of knowing where your power truly lies and how to use it, you become inspired to do more. You will become a Conflict REVOLUTIONARY: someone committed to world peace, one person at a time, starting with you.