Benefits of Con REV

The condition of every relationship you have is a reflection of your relationship with yourself

Your life is your canvas. You are the artist. What are you going to choose to create?


You become the very change you wish to see in the world by choosing to exercise Self-Love in your daily life.

Increased energy and inner peace.

Once you stop expending energy on emotionally draining and dead-end situations, you have more energy to spend on manifesting resources and giving back to the world.

Taking care of yourself.

You are no longer dependent on others to take care of your needs and resolve your conflicts. You can resolve them without anyone else’s assistance or participation.

Taking action to influence peaceful outcomes.

You no longer sit on the sidelines feeling like life is in control of you. You consciously and intentionally take actions to manifest peaceful outcomes to everyday conflicts.

Fewer internal conflicts, therefore fewer external ones.

As you bring peace to your inner world, so will your outer world be more peaceful. People will either shift as you do or find someone else to engage in their dramas.

More creativity.

Once you start exercising your creativity in learning new ways to resolve conflicts, that creativity is available for other pursuits as well.

Becoming a leader; inspiring others.

By taking control of your own Domain, you become an inspiration to others and show them how it can be done.


More everyday moments are spent being happy instead of obsessed and conflicted.

Contributing to world peace.

As you create peace within, you manifest peace in your local universe, doing your part to contribute to world peace.

It only takes the square root of 1% of a population to initiate a change in mass consciousness. Using a tool like Conflict REVOLUTION® could allow the change for peace towards a fully conscious planet.”

Steve Baer, Colorado

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