Learning Self-Love

Conflict REVOLUTION® is a revolutionary process to bring peace to your own energy field, called your Domain. Con REV® teaches you a new understanding of yourself using creative, effective, self-reflective tools that guide you to resolve your conflicts at the root. By first resolving conflict within you, you naturally contribute to the resolution of conflicts going on around you, on all levels. 

When you learn to make conscious decisions “for the good of the whole”—including yourself—you practice Self-Love, which allows you to thrive. As you reduce the conflicts in yourself, your relationships, your family and your communities, you contribute to world peace. 

Con REV is a journey of self-discovery and can be the hardest, yet most rewarding work you will ever do. After a while, though, making these healthier decisions becomes second nature. You train yourself to become Intuitively guided to take the baby steps needed to practice self-love on a daily basis. 

In our classes, you are asked to bring a conflict of your own and use the details to learn about your Domain and how to apply Con REV to the situation. You will leave with an Action Plan and clear steps to inspire you daily to continue making decisions from this place of self-love.

Making decisions for the good of the whole contributes directly to world peace, one person at a time, starting with you. 

Let’s make something together.

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