Barbara With, co-founder of Conflict REVOLUTION® offers one-on-one coaching, classes, and seminars on Conflict REVOLUTION®, the unified field theory and the Maps of Human Consciousness.


Steve | Colorado: “I became aware of Conflict REVOLUTION® at the Quantum Leap Celebration in Taos, N.M., in September of 2007. As Barbara gave her presentation I could feel a consciousness shift begin. After reading Imagining Einstein, the new additional perspective to my own on quantum mechanics of manifestation through Albert’s information initiated the change. As I began to actively practice Conflict REVOLUTION® with regard to conflicts as disruptive, contentious life situations, I referenced the material again and again, each time gaining some enhanced understanding. I realized that conflict was a function of the math of quantum mechanics of manifestation, not only a result.

As with all consciousness expanding works such as Conflict REVOLUTION®, the more that you practice it in daily routine, the more your increasing frequency is held and allows further enhanced understanding of the energy of the message of the words and therefore increased expansion of consciousness. I am most grateful for Albert’s information, through Barbara, for my next step towards realizing my potential as the fully conscious creator. It only takes the square root of 1% of a population to initiate a change in mass consciousness. Using a tool like Conflict REVOLUTION® could allow the change for peace towards a fully conscious planet.”

Barbara | Texas: “The Conflict REVOLUTION® workshop in Denver was a turning point in my life. I had been searching for my dream and I knew that when more issues cleared up I would be there. This workshop help me to simplify what was the issue(s) and with the prodding of Einstein and Barbara I got my kick start. Part of my dream was being a pet lover and animal psychic. I wanted to have more animal experiences and work more with Gaia. I found my dream place in Texas and now have 14 acres with chickens, guineas, geese, donkeys, horses, and many dogs, and am still able to have more animals. Plus, working with Gaia I have part of my land in cover crop, winter garden, and stake for the orchard trees that will go in the winter. Also, since the Conflict REVOLUTION® workshop, my animal psychic work has been clearer and more precise: working with animal health, finding lost animals, and helping people when a loved animal crosses over. I would highly recommend the Conflict REVOLUTION® workshop for those who are almost there and those who have a dream.”

Ron | Wisconsin: “This is not ‘make believe-close-your-eyes-click-your-heels’ stuff. It is definitely work. I would say to understand how much effort (knowingly or not) I put forth into getting myself in a negative state, I had to work just as hard to reverse that trend. Sometimes it takes a minute, sometimes a week, some things I’ve been on for much longer. I still consider myself a novice, but I’m very tired of the status quo and this has made my life immeasurably better. I got relief from chronic back pain and more recently, relief from emotional issues regarding family estate issues. What Barbara showed me was the importance of feeling my emotions. This sounds simple, and for some maybe common sense, but for me, to really feel the emotions, it was a new experience. I had to reflect on my actions and focus on myself first. It is still is not a reflex yet, but I am getting better at doing it.”

Sacha | England: “Oh boy! When I first started the Conflict REVOLUTION® Distance Learning course, I didn’t think I could do it. I needed to keep an open and honest journal which I had to share with Barbara. The first benefit I felt was just getting all of my issues out of myself and into the journal. Using the tools she gave me, I could see I was so wrapped up in nonsense that I couldn’t see the truth of myself. I was lost inside my pain and anger and bitterness. I had so much love inside me yet I couldn’t access this. The fact that Barbara actually showed me how to recognize I was projecting my issues onto others and that I was focusing on the minutia in order to avoid the reality of my life was astounding to me. Then there is the feeling and breathing, I swear this is the best bit!

I can tell you now that I am 100% different as a person. I have set my goals and I have changed my life completely. I don’t even recognize it now. I was having problems in my relationship, I was unhappy. I had no direction or strength. I am now a single mom, in my own house, writing for a magazine, I have spoken at a conference and done six radio shows across England, Canada and America, and I am now working on writing my own book. There is absolutely no way in this world I could have done this without Conflict REVOLUTION®. I have taken it so far into myself that it is a part of me now. My drink problem has gone, my dependence on cannabis has gone, my negativity and victim mentality has gone. I hope one day that I can meet Barbara physically and give her a hug and say thank you for helping me save myself. I couldn’t have done it without her.”

Holly | Oregon: “Barbara’s works, music and writings are moving and genuine. Her authority in her writing comes from her spirit, with a strong commitment to personal integrity and strength. I have been moved to action to take control of my own life by clearing emotional blocks and affirming the beauty and compassion of my own spirit. I can’t speak highly enough of the influence Barbara’s work has had on my life and on the lives of everyone she touches, and in the end everyone I touch, too. It truly is a commitment to ‘becoming the change you wish to see in the world’ when you commit to really understanding and putting into action the simple truths of Barbara’s work.

Barbara is the highest example of her own work. She continues to evolve and grow in understanding and compassion, not only of herself, but also of others she comes into contact with. The Einstein book is without a doubt the most powerful example of the commitment she has for making peace a personal commitment in the simplest terms. Not necessarily “easy” terms all the time, but it brings into sharp focus the layers of energy that we affect in every choice and in every motion (or non-motion) that we make. Thank you, Barbara!”

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